Five Reasons Hilary Duff Deserves to be the Talk of Your Timeline

A recent photo of Hilary Duff was the talk of the Internet last week. The picture shows Hilary in an outfit that accentuates her curves, which opened up thirst traps all over the web.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 4.44.46 PM.png
While many sites are claiming that “we’ve been sleeping on Hilary Duff,” I’m here to nip that rumor in the bud. Because it’s pretty much indisputable to say that I’m rarely thinking of anything other than Hilary Duff.

From memes to Buzzed articles, Hilary is finally getting the attention she deserves. However, it’s all based on the fact that she has a great figure. (As a straight male who has been in love with Hilary since Casper met Wendy, I’m not denying that fact.) But there’s so much more to Hilary than that. (And every girl for that matter, but I’m currently fighting this battle.)

So, here are five reasons Hilary Duff deserves to be the talk of you timeline on a daily basis.

  1. She’s a great Mom.
    The multi-talented mom is pretty much great at everything, but since she seems to put motherhood first, so will this list. Luca is pretty much the coolest kid in the world and I’m 100% sure that he gets that from his mom who cares so much about him.Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 4.01.28 PM
    She is constantly posting about this little guy, and has gotten candid about how much being a mother truly means to her.

    But her success as a mom also comes in the way she supports and uplifts other moms, even when she receives backlash for her mom moves.


  2. She is an incredible actress.
    Although a lot of people thought she wrapped her acting days years ago, Hilary has been in dozens of projects since her days as Lizzie McGuire. She has done guest spots on shows like Gossip Girl, Ghost Whisperer, Two and a Half Men, and Raising Hope. She has also been in little-known films like What Goes Up, According to Greta, and Stay Cool. Now, the Younger star has popped back into the acting scene in full-force, taking TV Land (and hearts) by storm as Kelsey Peters. This show that has been picked up for its next season before the current season has even premiered (every year).


  3. She is still killing the music scene.
    I’ll just let this one speak for itself…

  4. She is actually just an inspiration to us all.
    She’s widely-known as the one Disney star who didn’t “lose it” after leaving the channel. However, since only Disney stars are certified to speak on what it’s like to transition into a new life without the mouse ears, I choose to be inspired by her for other reasons. I mean, she’s a single mother with tons of acting credentials, three novels, and five studio albums under her belt. But if you need more than that…

    She is always fighting for a cause that matters to her…

    …always trying to inspire the many people who have looked up to her over the years…

    …and is quick to remind us that she’s just like us.

    And, finally, the one issue that truly tests a person’s character…

  5. She is an animal lover.
    Hilary has shared her many pets with the world (through the good times and the sad) proving that she is just full of love.

    So, I guess what I’m trying to say is:

    Although a lot of people (to my disbelief) thought Hilary was So Yesterday, if you really do The Math you will see that she’s actually One in a Million.