The friends I’ve made along the way

I think of you sometimes. Sometimes it’s because I see a television character that reminds me of you. Sometimes it’s because I see a picture or something that reminds me of who we were back then. Sometimes it’s for no obvious reason at all. But I think of you sometimes. 

I can see the person I was when we were the closest of friends. I can see how you’ve grown into the person you are and how I became who I am now. What I can’t see are the paths that led us to our separate places in life. I can’t remember the point in life where we took those different roads. And that’s okay, because it’s not important.

This isn’t some open letter to the friends I’ve lost along the way. This isn’t my plea to relive the past. This is my letter to the friends I’ve made along the way. Because that’s how I see you. I don’t think of you as a part of my past, rather a big part of my present. 

The people we were back then, the things we went through; that’s the stuff that made me who I am today. And I thank you for that. I thank you for being a part of my story and allowing me the opportunity to know you; allowing me the opportunity to think of you. 

This isn’t my attempt to force you into an obligatory lunch date, or my attempt to get the old band back together. We’re different people now. We’ve grown. We’ve changed. And that’s okay. This is simply my attempt at recognizing you. Just to tell you that I still think of you. 

I see your Facebook posts, and I run into you from time to time, but I’ve never told you just how proud I am of you. How proud I am of the things you’ve done along the path you’ve taken. 

I haven’t told you that I love seeing the posts of your little growing family, or seeing the all-night cram sessions you’ve ranted about as you work to further your education. I haven’t told you that I’m glad you decided to be a stay-at-home mom, because that’s a job that you’re uniquely strong enough to take on. I haven’t told you congratulations on that new job, or that I have so much faith that you’ll make it through the night class you’re taking. I haven’t told you, though you feel Ike you’re stuck in a certain place in life, you’re doing incredible things and you should never feel bad for sticking with it. 

I haven’t told you any of this. But I think about it every time I think about you. And I know that I could send you a message, or post a throwback to remind you that I remember you. But I haven’t done that either. And I’m sorry. But I think of you. 

It doesn’t matter that we aren’t the same people we used to be. It doesn’t matter that you probably don’t know me as well as you once did, nor I you. What matters is that you were there when we were those people. What matters is that you gave me so much back then- provided me with so many memories- that I still think of you. I still love you. I still wish you the best. 

So, to the friends I’ve made along the way: Thank you! Maybe one day we will be just as inseparable as we were back then. You never know where God’s plan will take us. But even if that never happens: I still see you, I’m still proud of you, I’ll always be here, and I’ll always think of you.