Five Life Lessons From The X-Files

The X-Files was one of the most popular shows of its time. With the lore, cryptids, and just altogether creep factor it brought to the table, it’s no surprise that the show had- and still has- a massive fanbase.

The show recently joined the ranks of many series reboots, allowing Dana Scully and Fox Mulder another chance to take on the cases of weird and unusual. I’ve started my mission to rewatch the original series before diving into the revival episodes. During the binge, I’ve noticed the real life lessons that the disturbed duo managed to toss into their creepy cases.


*MILD SPOILERS. IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE ORIGINAL SERIES… YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.* (But you’ve like 15 years to catch up, so really that’s on you.)

Lesson One:
Don’t Underestimate a Woman


Dana Scully is a beautiful woman who holds her career as a top priority. In the series she is often mistaken for a weaker partner and has, time and time again, proven herself more than meets the eye. Scully is a great example of a strong female lead in television. She receives just as much storyline as Mulder, making them equals in more way than one. And she isn’t afraid to remind you of her intelligence.


She has every right to defend her capabilities, since she lives in a society that often questions her competency. *That’s only a ’90s thing, right?* In one episode, Scully attempts to adopt a child. Her standing as a single, career woman is considered a weakness in the eyes of her caseworker.


While the outcome of that story line is more than bizarre,  the idea that a single woman with a strong work ethic is unable to be a mother is easily squashed by the fact that Scully is actually unstoppable. In fact, most women are.

Lesson Two:
Opposites Attract

This isn’t about the shipping of the two leads, although… obviously. It’s more about the idea that the two are so different, yet they work so well together. In the beginning of the series, Mulder is open-minded and always considered to be the one with his head in the clouds. He seeks the truth, often suggesting rather strange ideas to get him there. During these episodes, Scully is expected to debunk the crazy ideas of the monster chaser. She becomes the counterweight to hold him down to earth, making him consider the more reasonable answers.

As the series continues, Scully becomes more open-minded. She ties her faith and experiences into the cases, surprising herself with the paths she wanders down. While this happens, Mulder is battling with the idea that he is chasing fairytales.


When two people balance each other in such away, it’s obvious that team work makes the dream work. And I’m CONSTANTLY dreaming that I’m part of this team. 

Lesson Three:
Seek the Truth


Mulder is all about the truth. His determination to find the truth, regardless of the consequences, often places him in sticky situations. He usually begins his search from the unusual perspective, but doesn’t allow that to cancel out reality. Scully is the opposite. Her truth begins by searching for facts and often becomes confusing when confronted with the abnormal. Still, the team doesn’t allow their biases to dictate their conclusions.

They would both make killer journalists. 

Lesson Four:
Smoking Causes Cancer and is Super Gross


This is more of an obvious, but it can’t go without noting that there is a creepy character who is characterized by the habit he holds. The man who hides in the shadows with his Morley cigarettes is one of the most vile characters in the series. (I won’t go into details about the character, because I have a heart and hope you may one day want to see the series.) He’s interchangeably referred to as “Smoking Man” and “Cancer Man.” That says it all. Smoking is bad, okay?

Lesson Five:
Question Everything

The entire world was basically out to get the duo. And even when they weren’t, they probably were. New boss? Probably a shadowy demon thing. New co-workers? Can you trust them? Country-road police officers, bugs, small children, and basically everything else that breathes in the world, is to be questioned. Make sure to learn who you can trust and who you should avoid.

Cut out negative people and make sure that you only surround yourself with those who make you a better person. Do your research. People will tell you who they are and you have to use that to decide if you want to allow them to interfere with your path. Be wise.

Just a bonus:
Make Sure You’re Healthy

Go to the doctor, or like, self-examine. You never know when you could get sick… or when an alien microchip has been inserted into the back of your neck. But, really… take care of your health.