Traditionalist Worker Party: Take a SEAT

I discovered today that an organization called the “Traditionalist Worker Party” is holding an event in my city. The event is a sort of “ONLY White Lives Matter” movement which promotes the idea that the country would be in better shape if the whites who are now being “oppressed” could reign once again.

The organizers of the event shared this flyer on Facebook Tuesday afternoon:

The flyer accompanied this message:

“Dear Comrades,

The Traditionalist Worker Party, along with the other member organizations of the Nationalist Front, are going to be holding a conference and event at the end of April in Pikeville Kentucky.

The event will be the evening of April 28th and the day of the 29th.

Pike County is 98.35% European and went over 80% for Trump in the recent elections. It is an area that is in need of advocacy and organization, with almost a third of the children living under the poverty line and 1 in 5 elderly people.

Due to the loss of mining jobs and the shutdown of other industries, Pike County has steadily lost population for the last two and a half decades. Many people, who have had their families living in the region for hundreds of years, are being forced out of their community due to the joys of globalism and the capitalist system.

The purpose of the event is two-fold; first of all, we will be having a dinner, speeches, live music, and training seminars at nearby Jenny Wiley State Park. Given that the venue is a State Park, they cannot shut down the event, giving us a great and beautiful place to hold a time for fellowship.

The training seminars will be on everything from NS philosophy, to how to march for public events, to activism techniques and how to engage both online and IRL to advance our ideals.

Professionalizing our movement means training both brand new guys and veterans on having the knowledge and the abilities to be the best nationalists they can be.

Friday night will be mostly for socializing and meeting new friends and enjoying home cooked meals and listening to music; but Saturday is right into the trenches for training.

Dress code for men is a black work shirt, black pants, and black boots; with an organizational patch on the left arm. Women are requested to dress modestly and in black as well.

The second portion of the event will be a public event that will be held at the courthouse in Pikeville on the afternoon of the 29th. Those concerned with OPSEC are encouraged to wear a black military style cap and aviator style sunglasses. All attendees should be prepared for possible Leftist attacks, we will not be driven from the streets, under any circumstances.

We will be asking every attendee to either bring half a dozen non-perishable food items, to donate to the local food pantry, or money to donate to a local charity that works in White communities in the region.

Pre-registration details will be available in the next few days. We are looking at a cost of about $30 per attendee, and that is to cover the cost of renting the hall, food both Friday night and Saturday morning, and any and all excess will be added to the charitable donation.

Paddy Tarleton will be performing, and we will have speakers from a variety of organizations, so this should be a great time for fellowship and moving towards a more effective movement in America.

Any and all questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Hail Victory and see y’all in Pikeville.”

Though I didn’t include my break-down commentary of the post, because I think it discredits itself enough without my help.

While many people are seeing this event as a joke, waiting for the punch line to drop at any point, few seem to understand just how terrifying the situation is. This group is a white nationalist group, dedicated to an ideal of racially-pure nations and communities. All of that just means that the group is truly a gaggle of white supremacists who spread hate to everyone around them.

The terrifying thing to me isn’t the group itself. Because, though I think it’s a disgusting group, I am aware that people like this exist. The terrifying thing to me is the idea that this group feels welcome to convene in my city, because a large portion of the voters in this area were Trump supporters.

That’s not to say that Trump supporters will support this group, because I’ve seen many people who voted for Trump and are opposed to this event. (In fact, I haven’t seen one person who openly supports this.) To me, however, the idea that racism and hate would be welcome in our area- just because of the support shown for Donald Trump- says more about the recent campaign and Trump’s policies than it does those who voted for him.

The majority of those who voted for Trump site his coal stance as a reason for their support. In this area, with many coal families, I understand that decision. (My political view and his lack of plan for supporting this stance is not something I’ll debate here.) The group seems to use the idea of working coal families to support their decision to hold conference in our town, as mentioned in the Facebook post above. Yet, the group openly supports renewable energy. (This is an image from their website, in case you were unsure.)

This is not a slam on renewable resources, because I am (unpopular as it is here) all for renewable energy. It is, however, something that needs to be addressed to the few people who may take this movement in- as they did the Trump agenda- hoping the “Traditionalist Worker Party,” who supports those out-of-work white coal miners, will help in their fight to “bring coal back.” I mean, they used pick-axes on the flyer, they have to be pro-coal.. right? Wrong. That’s not the agenda here.

This group wants to spread its propaganda, promoting that white workers in the area should stand up for the things this world owes them. This group wants to separate the diverse workers in our area, while promoting the idea that white is right. This group would have the town to believe that it has a better plan for our economic ladder and a better vision for the American workers. But this group can only succeed if this town allows it to.

If this event is allowed to spill its hatred in our city, there’s no telling how it will spread. Fighting against this hatred is the only way to stop it. It’s on us to peacefully assemble, to protest this hate, to welcome all races onto our blue grass, to show this group that Pikeville, Kentucky is better than this… that America is better than this.

Boycotting and ignoring an event like this won’t help. It’s not about the number of people who DON’T show up, it’s about those who DO. We have until April 29 to find a way to show that our area is more than the back-road hillbilly town it’s so often portrayed to be. We have until April 29 to make it known that Pikeville, Kentucky doesn’t stand with this group. We have until April 29 to tell racism to take a seat.

If this event upsets you, the time to act is now. Show up, speak up, and stand up for your community.