Think about something incredible that you have seen as a result of God’s grace. Just any miracle you’ve heard about, or witnessed, in the past month. Did it shake you?

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The Gospels are filled with accounts of Christ Jesus’ life, ministry, death, and resurrection. There are many miracles in the Bible that are clearly credited to Jesus Christ and His marvelous works.

If the basis of Christianity is reliant on the fact that we serve a living God, I think it’s safe to conclude that these miracles which were taking place in the New Testament days are still possible and present in today’s time.

Upon a recent study of Matthew and Mark, a few things struck me. While the powerful healing and miraculous works of Jesus have always been incredible to me, something different began making itself clear.

Every time Jesus performed a miracle, there was a similar reaction. Astonishment.


Throughout the accounts of Jesus’ miracles, the believers who witnessed the works of Christ were said to have been “astonished,” “amazed,” and to have “marveled.”
(Matthew 8:27, Matthew 9:33, Matthew 12:23, Matthew 13:54, Mark 1:22, Mark 1:27, Mark 2:12, Mark 5:42)

If we stand on the fact that Christ is still in the miracle business, why are we not reacting accordingly?

When did we become so lax in all things concerning the Lord? We sing Amazing Grace. We say Amen. But how often do we mean it?

Have we become so numb to the miracles of God that we write them off? Do we consider certain things to be coincidence? Are we crediting science for the miracles of God? Have we decided that our own efforts have supplied more help than those of Christ?

It’s time for a wakeup call. It’s time for a revival. We need to get ON FIRE for the Lord! Lukewarm Christianity is not something we should offer God.

(Revelation 3:16- So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.)

We need to be astonished. We need to be amazed. We need to marvel in His wonderful works.

Allow yourself to be astonished by His works today. If you can’t think of a specific “personal” miracle, or act, don’t take Calvary for granted. He did His most miraculous work on the cross. And He did it for you. How much more personal can you get? If that doesn’t astonish you, nothing will.


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