COM Lives Matter

“We decided to be communications majors, because it’s by far the easiest, but quickly learned that a degree in communications is practically worthless.” Chanel.


Thanks, to the writers of Scream Queens, for supporting the idea that COM degrees are useless. Now, let me tell you why you’re wrong.

With a degree in communication, there are many routes you can take post-grad. Journalism, business, public relations, law, human relations, government positions, non-profit work… and that’s only the beginning.

Aside from that, you have to consider the major perks of studying communication.

Public Speaking

Taking public speaking in college is the most terrifying thing that a lot of people can think of. Though most colleges require it as a general education class, COM majors get to go a little deeper. While other majors suffer through the awkward speeches and move on, COM majors take advanced classes to learn the techniques they need to become clear and concise speakers. Point: COM majors.


Building Networks

Learning to communicate effectively is helpful in many ways. As seen in previous prominent figures around the world, the ability to speak can get you in some high places. It can also build your net of connections, which opens you to tons of possibilities.

As a journalist, you interact with more people than you can remember. But you do remember them. That’s how you build connections; you make it a point to keep contact and build relationships with those people you would otherwise forget. Communication teaches you that.


Mass Media Knowledge

Learning how the media is changing and growing, while taking courses that help you stay on trend, is a major advantage of being a COM major. COM classes show a timeline of media and communication mediums, teaching the history while preparing for the future. While you see a class full of students creating blogs, I see a class full of people who are employable by any business that uses social media as an outreach to its clientele. (Hint: Pretty much everyone.)

You’ll notice that most professionals, even the ones who are in fields that have nothing to do with “talking” are joining the blogosphere. While many people are finding jobs that require them to be experienced in social media, not many people realize what that could entail. Which puts students in many majors- who couldn’t use WordPress if their lives depended on it- at a disadvantage.


So… I could go on, but if you’ve never taken a COM class you’re probably not into debates. In which case, nothing here will change your mind.