Behind the Explosion, Before the Election

The 2016 Presidential race has been one to watch, but not for any of the reasons one would expect. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have gone to great lengths, in the past year, to pull out all of the stops… or at least all of the slop.

In the first Presidential debate, Clinton and Trump faced off in what obviously ended up being a conquest for Clinton. With the preparation of her rival in question, many wondered how the polls would suffer for the Republican candidate.

However, post-debate, Trump had many of his followers believing that the entire debate was catered to the Clinton administration’s best interest. Still, there is a clear indication throughout the debate that Trump was not prepared for the questions that were posed.

He interrupted Clinton and often swayed from the subject, which isn’t a surprise, as Trump likes to keep many of his “plans” a secret. Regardless of the reason for the derailment of topic, it’s widely believed that Trump was unprepared for the event.

If you didn’t watch, decide for yourself.

The follow-up debate gave voters the opportunity to see the running mates, Mike Pence and Tim Kaine in action. This VP debate was a possible “Hail Mary” for Trump. The Republican running mate came off very poised and prepared, while Kaine was seemingly stirred and often interrupted Pence.

Many questioned the fate of our country if Kaine were forced to step up in the POTUS position. With Pence seemingly more qualified, it was also pointed out that he was simply unwilling to show his full support for the ideas Trump has proposed.

But don’t take my word for it:

Just before the second debate, things really got messy. WikiLeaks uploaded some email correspondences from Clinton’s campaign, putting her in the hot seat. The emails were met with another leak, this one aimed at Trump.

A video of Trump, from 2005, captures a conversation between the presidential candidate and Billy Bush (former “Access Hollywood” host). In the video, Trump can be heard talking about making sexual advances on females without their consent. This video couldn’t have appeared at a worse time for Trump, released right before the second presidential debate.

Trump took to Facebook, in an attempt to apologize for his offensive words. His apology wasn’t believed to be sincere, as he quickly changed the subject from his past to the past of former President, Bill Clinton. With a transition that discredits the prominent issue of sexual assault, Trump stated: “Let’s be honest, we’re living in the real world. This is nothing more than a distraction from the important issues we are facing today.”

While this video took the heat off of Clinton, she was certainly under fire in the next debate. Trump showed up with a crew of women who have filed claims of sexual assault against former President, Bill Clinton. The women were paraded in, as a last-minute ploy to turn the tables on Clinton. Though the success of Trump’s move is unsure, and wasn’t mentioned during the debate, it certainly opened a debate within the homes of the American people.

During the debate, Trump issued another blow to his own campaign, admitting that he disagrees with Pence on the issue of foreign policy. This became an odd counter; Pence unable to firmly support Trump’s plans and Trump openly disagreeing with Pence.

Behind the show, however, what did we actually learn?

As we go into the final debate of the cycle, what do we really know about the issues?

The actual questions posed in the first debate session were not-so-carefully circled, as Trump failed to make definite statements for many of the questions. The back-and-forth between the two candidates was more on the level of a high school debate, with fingers pointing from Clinton to Trump until the cameras stopped rolling.

If the American people were hoping for a better outcome with the second debate, they were out of luck. They didn’t even get an opening handshake.

The debate opened with an audience question that we were all thinking: “The last presidential debate could have been rated as MA, mature audiences per TV parental guidelines… do you feel you are modeling appropriate and positive behavior for today’s youth?”

This wake up call seemed to be wasted on the debating duo, as they began to talk about how great the country is. They didn’t actually address the issue of their previous performance. But, in all honesty it may have been kind of a throw-away question when comparing the behavior from the debate to everything else the presidential candidates have been publicly wrapped up in.

Though things went better in the second forum for both parties, questions are still left unanswered. With the final debate coming up on Wednesday, October 19, one has to wonder if we’re finally going to see a debate suitable of two presidential candidates.

Unfortunately, with Trump’s recent war on the media, and Clinton’s WikiLeaks “scandal” still on the radar, we can probably expect more of the same. Either way, tune in to find out; this is the future we’re talking about.