Music Is…

“The sound of an old guitar is saving you from sinking…”

Dashboard Confessional’s song “Belle of the Boulevard” put into words, the actual truth behind music.

Music is powerful.
Music can completely change your outlook.

That’s not to say that listening to John Mayer on vinyl is going to heal a bullet wound- although that seems extremely possible- but music does something that is hard to put into words. It allows an escape.


Music is a choice.
How often do you purposely listen to music?

When I walk into my apartment, I often put on a vinyl record and pretend I’m attending a sold-out show. More often than not, the show becomes my own and my neighbors are enjoying their own show. (Except for the enjoying part.)

In my car, I plug in the AUX cord and shuffle my tracks. I play through Dashboard and City and Colour, before touching base with Jimmy Eat World and Jack’s Mannequin. Of course, I sprinkle in a little Hilary Duff.(I have to support my wife.)

When I’m traveling for work, or dying on a treadmill, I look for a more random playlist. For this, I turn to Pandora or a local radio station. The shuffle of different artists keeps me content for quite some time and gives me a nice buffet of new tracks to add to my playlist

In a given week, I blast hundreds of songs from several different devices and many different formats.

Music is inevitable.
How often are you exposed to music?

Remember that summer you spent all of your time binge watching One Tree Hill? Though you came for the show, you were exposed to an incredibly diverse soundtrack. (Trust me, I’ve seen every episode three times. The show literally has the best soundtrack of all time. The O.C. is a close second.)


When you were buying your groceries this week and one of Taylor Swift’s songs flooded through the produce section, I saw you singing into that carrot. (Okay, maybe that was me too.)

You get the point. Music is so present in our society that we don’t even realize how often we’re exposed to it.

Music is universal.
What genre of music do you prefer?

What kind of music makes you want to close your eyes and wave your iPhone flashlight in the air? (Or lighter, if you’re still into that.) Is there a certain band that makes you want to start a mosh pit and smash gallons of milk?

While acoustic/indie/singer-songwriter music is my go-to, I like to switch up things a lot. I enjoy many different genres and styles of music. Anything that has great lyrics is fair game.

I’m a huge fan of Christian worship music. (I try to stay away from this while operating my vehicle, because my hands go up pretty often.)


Pop Quiz:

What types of music do you like? Are you open to new genres? Consider the role that music plays in your life. How did it begin? How do you experience it? How often do you take it for granted?





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