I Paid it Forward and All I Got Was This Stupid Blog Post Written About Me

The “Pay it Forward” movement has been sweeping the internet for quite some time. If you’ve been sleeping, or busy watching cat videos, I’ll clarify: It seems that there are daily posts where people are telling others about the great things they’re doing for those who are less fortunate. The entire point of the movement is to give back something to someone who may never be able to do the same for you.

It’s incredible to see that there are nice people in this world who are willing to pay for a homeless man’s dinner and leave money in a parking meter for a stranger. There is, however, something about the movement that I can’t overlook.

Why are you actually doing it? If you purchase a meal for someone who can’t afford it, I’m glad. I am so happy that you realized how blessed you are to be able to afford to give back to the community. But I don’t think it’s entirely necessary to chronicle about it in a Facebook post. True- what you write about on your social media platform is your business. I’m all for freedom of speech and press. I’m just not sure you’re truly realizing the impact this is having on our society.

There are tons of viral videos with people helping others through “random acts of kindness.” But what happens when the cameras are off? Are we showing our children that it’s fine to give back as long as we can prove it happened? How many times do we hear the phrase “pics or it didn’t happen?” Are we only willing to be involved in outreach if there is some way to tell our friends about it?

We are so involved in our social media that we often forget to look at the greater picture. We are often so consumed in showing people that we’re a good person, we sometimes forget what being that person actually means.

In Matthew 6, Jesus warns His disciples about being self-righteous.


“Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your father which is in heaven.” –Matthew 6:1

Jesus warned His followers about practicing their righteous works as a way to be seen by people. Even His followers were put into situations where they needed to be reminded that they weren’t “paying it forward” in order to receive glory, but they were doing it in hopes of showing the glory of God to those involved.

I challenge you to continue paying it forward, continue fighting the good fight and continue being good people. Just stop posting about it for everyone to see. Leave the “random acts of kindness” between you and God. Give Him the glory.


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