Five Things the World Taught Me This Week

Without mass media, I’m not sure where our society would stand. Imagine a world void of incredible debates about the color of a dress. Consider a community without a world of knowledge at your fingertips, where you have to read actual books and volumes to find information.

Try to picture a day without the ability to share a picture of your lunch with millions of strangers. Imagine that every conversation you start requires face-to-face contact. Okay, breathe. That’s just a hypothetical place. Come back to the real world.

There are plenty of things to poke fun at in the media these days. However, in all seriousness, there is a lot in the media that we take for granted. We often forget how much we are exposed to in the span of even one week.

Here are five things the world taught me this week.

1. Celebrity death is always personal.
There is a very real connection between a celebrity and their public. When a celebrity passes away, his or her fans are ALWAYS impacted. It’s similar to the loss of a friend, because we are so convinced that we know them just as well as we know ourselves. This has become more clear now that Harry Potter star, Alan Rickman, has passed on. Seeing the fandom react to his death on social media shows the strength of our created relationships with fictional characters.

2. It’s a great time to be a fan of faith-based movies.
Hollywood seems to be waking up to something the “Bible Belt” has been shouting for years: God is good. The box office is booming with new titles that highlight the power and importance of God and a Christian faith. Following the major success of God’s Not Dead, War Room, and 90 Minutes in Heaven, there are several new movies coming our way. According to IMDb, it’s a great time to be a Christian movie-goer.

3. Hillary Clinton has perfected the “110% done” face.
In a recent interview with CNN, the former Secretary of State was questioned about the scandalous email-gate. Correspondent Jake Tapper questioned Hillary, asking if she has been interrogated by the FBI about her use of a personal email account. Her mouth said “no,” but her face said much more. It’s clear that Mrs. Clinton was not amused.

4. You can’t trust a retired Power Ranger.
Ricardo Medina, former star of Power Rangers Samurai, was arrested last week after murdering his roommate. According to Alternative Press Magazine, Medina took a page from his on-screen character’s book by using a sword as his weapon of choice.

5. We’re actually NOT all in this together.
Recent reports from E! News have confirmed a High School Musical Reunion underway. Now is certainly the time for fan-girls and boys to unite with one common cause: East High’s 10 Year Reunion. Unfortunately, it seems that Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) will be flying solo. Zac Efron doesn’t seem to be included in the get-together. It’s actually very MaryKate and Ashley of him. WHAT TEAM?

You see, without the media, it’s possible that we would all be in a library or spending time outdoors. If we spent all of our time in those places, who would worry about the important things in life?

So, shout-out to mass media for helping my GPA while hurting it at the same time.





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