Murders or Miracles

How often do we overlook the miracles God supplies each day and take notice of only the bad things that happen?

In Matthew 8, Jesus and His followers travel to a land where some men are possessed by demons. Jesus sent the demons out of the men and they entered into nearby swine. The swine all ran into the water and died.

Those who witnessed this went to the nearby town and told others. Everyone returned to face Jesus. Instead of being happy that He healed the men, the people were angry that He killed the swine. They asked Him to leave their community.

We sometimes put ourselves in this same situation. It’s so easy to focus on the horrible things in the world. We easily think about the deaths, murders, diseases, disasters, etc. when we should be looking at the wonders of God’s creation.

God never promised a life without suffering. In fact, just the opposite of that. There are several verses about the tribulations we will face as Christians. (Romans 8:36, 2 Corinthians 11:23, Hebrews 11:25) We should be prepared for those trials in ways that will allow us to glorify the Lord and add to our testimony.

By choosing to focus on the negatives, we begin to live a negative life. Questioning the horrible things in the world, as a way to hold God accountable for all suffering, makes God seem horrible. We should recognize free will and God’s will as we consider the negative paths in life.

God has a plan, and we can’t see it unfold if we keep our eyes on the bad parts. If we are scared to trust God because horrible things happen in the world, a self-fulfilling prophecy can mess with our minds.

Don’t wait on God to change His plans. Ask Him to change the way you view them. Allow yourself to bask in the positive and wonderful acts of God, without becoming like those who asked Jesus to leave their town.

Don’t ask Jesus to leave you because you don’t understand something in your life. Allow the Lord to show you an alternative path, paved by the true love He has for you.


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