“It just doesn’t feel like Christmas.”

For a while now, it seems that every Christmas season is filled with reasons to say “It doesn’t feel like Christmas.”

There can be personal problems interfering with your “Christmas spirit.” There can be 70-degree weather throwing off any dreams of a “white Christmas.” There are always reasons that the season can lack the luster it so often is expected to have.

While the environment and personal circumstances can dampen the Christmas state of mind, we should take a step forward and examine the observation that it “doesn’t feel like Christmas.”

While this statement is often used to make conversation, and I’ve probably been guilty of saying it myself, it made me wonder. What does Christmas feel like?

To many people, Christmas is an escape from everyday life. A day for families to come together, hoping to avoid any drama. A day to show love to each other and make memories.

To others, Christmas is often a reminder of loss. Many people hope to avoid the holidays in order to preserve old holiday memories of a loved one who has since passed away.

To Mary and Joseph, Christmas started as rejection. The Inn had no room for them, forcing the virgin to give birth in a lowly manger. The King of Kings was denied a proper birth because there was simply no room.

To the shepherds who were watching over their flock, Christmas probably felt like an adventure. Christmas started out as a journey to find the Messiah and ended in the shepherds telling the masses what they had encountered.

Christmas isn’t about the weather. I sincerely doubt there was a massive amount of snow in Bethlehem during Jesus’ birth.

Christmas is not about circumstances. Things happen every day that affect the way we live our lives and the way we perceive other people. That isn’t going to change just because the calendar says it’s Christmas time.

Christmas IS about that day in Bethlehem. Christmas IS about the newborn baby who was sent from God. The baby, who was born of a virgin, to bring peace and love to the world. Christmas IS about Jesus.

So, to say that it doesn’t feel like Christmas is pretty much saying that it doesn’t feel like God sent His Son to the earth to die for our sins.

However you envision Christmas, make sure that you don’t lose sight of the truth. Make sure that even when the weather and the circumstances you’re facing don’t “feel like Christmas,” you give yourself a reminder that will rekindle your spirit.


Take your minds away from your search for the “Christmas spirit” and revive your search for the Holy Spirit.

If you feel like it isn’t Christmas, go on an adventure. Take a moment to read Luke 1 and 2. Re-visit that day in Bethlehem. Remind yourself there is a reason to rejoice, then tell the masses about it.


Merry Christmas!


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